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Shadow Jerusalem

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Peaceful Medicated Moment [Jun. 18th, 2006|12:27 pm]
Shadow Jerusalem
[Current Location |UV]
[mood |happyfucking ecstatic]
[music |Massive Attack - Karma Coma]

I have found happiness
Happiness in a girl
Happiness in slavery
Happiness in contention with life
The pieces finally fit and fall together rather than apart
A brand new life to live with someone I love and means the world to me...
Zen. Blissful peace. Sweet oblivion. The outside world not a matter. Only that which is in front of me
She is amazing. Everything I could've ever asked for. She is everything I've ever wanted.
No more fear no more wondering why or how...
There just is.
The final signature in the last chapter is over. Its time to re-write and revise anew.
MY life.
It means so much to me now. IT's never had this much meaning to me. A man once said, "Hell is waking up every goddamn morning and not knowing why youre here, why youre breathing" not knowing ones purpose or place or calling in this weird computer program of a ride made to look like reality with bright lights and loud noises. Reality is all in what you make of it. And right now it makes out to be a fuckton. For once everything to gain, nothing to lose.
The lust for life got its Viagra prescription filled again...
Finally out of Hell, alive again and breathing. And loving every moment of it. Perfection in every moment. Every moment leading up to this moment. Every moment henceforth, sheer perfection.
The tick of the clock. Her breath on my skin. Our heartbeats racing out of line. Like a couple of kids... loving life... the way it should be. Happy and carefree.

And in this moment,
I truly am Happy.
I wish you all could be here with me right now.