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Fear and Loathing on the Seattle tundra [Nov. 28th, 2006|11:36 pm]
Shadow Jerusalem
[mood |coldcold]
[music |Family Guy on TV]

Mother of god it's fucking cold. It's 22 degrees outside and the expected low is 16 degrees. Seattle doesn't get weather this cold. I've never seen the city like this. It reminds me of the movie The Thing... where everyone is in the antartic, everything is cold and covered in ice. The city suffers in this weather. Last night trying to leave Southcenter was a brief lesson in futility. I got on a bus at 6:40, I didn't get home until 9. We didnt get far from the mall before it became like trying to ice skate uphill. Didn't work out so well.
Then some fucking ratbastard scumbag stole my Dickies coat. Right out from under my nose. I clocked on at 830 and by noon when I went on lunch, it was gone. I pray for their sake it was a case of mistaken coat identity cause if it was done on purpose, its their ass... here's hoping the prick is dumb enough to wear it around the store and get his happy klepto ass fire... I keep referring to whoever did this as a him because I doubt a female would steal a men's extra large coat.
Thankfully I've got the store on my side... and happily enough people are pissed and want to kick whoevers ass did this. That brings a great big smile to my face knowing my being pissed off is shared by my co-workers and store management.... mooo hooo haa haa.

Backtracking a bit to good news. I've been working for Whole Foods now for about a month, and last week they promoted me. Now I'm training supervisor, which means a buck and a quarter more to the paycheck.
The Christmas season is upon us. Living right at the heart of it all is quite scary when everything downtown explodes in a ho ho ho holy shit of "Christmas cheer" or rather to use the vanilla PC term 'Holiday Cheer'. Don't get me wrong I love the holidays, I just utterly fucking despise what a big marketing ploy it all becomes. When it's not even Halloween and I'm already hearing Christmas music and seeing Santa Claus clearly its gone too fucking far.
George Romero made Dawn of the Dead to criticize us for the consumer goods whores we are... and looking at recent footage of near riots of people flooding into malls, he had us pegged. We already are zombies... only difference is we're still alive... or are we? I suppose if you rationalized it long enough you might think that there really is no difference between us and them. We're just too ignorant to make the connection, thinking we're the higher animal on the food chain because we drive a Mazarati and use plastic to pay for our "life". I guess thats what we lose with no natural predators, with nothing to slap us upside the back of the head and make our own sense of Hubris aware to us, we grow too cocky, too sure of ourselves. Until something comes along and teaches us we're not such hot shit after all.

I need to get more ink, its been far too long since I got any. Harder to find time to do it. It's always the time/money issue. There's usually more of one than the other.

I about cried last week. I found out theres going to be one more book by Hunter Thompson released... as well as books by his wife, Ralph Steadman and a slew of others... that makes me happy as good novels have been hard to come by. Comic books however are flooding in. I usually pick up one or two comics a week but other times it's like six or seven on a really good week. Zombie comics are coming out all the time and I'm in undead heaven. At least one thing I'm into hasnt died out.

But speaking of dying out sleep beckons so I must wrap this up. Until next time. Peace, mahalo and remember, don't screw around with the fuckhead TRUST the fuckhead!