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aloha [May. 14th, 2007|04:09 am]
Shadow Jerusalem
[mood |ecstaticecstatic]
[music |air conditioning]

well been in hawaii the past week on vacation. (yes yes fuck me for going someplace nice or i know how you hate me as the typical responses ive been receiving). been a fun week all things considered, was worried about money... got a fight picked with me by some people that i thought were friends but really turned out to be counterfeit motherfuckers. been a week of fear and loathing of the tropical and most pleasant kind. going 4 days without bud shot the old eyesight to shit but after a few trial and errors (to be read "ripoffs") the blind can see again. today we went snorkeling for our anniversary of 14 months at hanauma bay. just before we ended our day we saw a sea turtle munching on the reef. came back home for a gourmet cheeseburger in paradise meal then spent the evening picking up knick knacks and souveneirs of the trip. tomorrow we go to this really awesome import toy store called toys n joys.

EDIT: not anymore im not! fuck that bitch